Honey Pot Firewall

Creating a WHMCS Honey Pot is fairly easy. Almost all WHMCS websites will be a target of bots and hacking at some point (That should be an accepted fact as a WHMCS powered business owner). Knowing where to place the honey is usually the tricky part of any honey pot but its easy with WHMCS […]

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WHMCS GRID (WHMCSGRID.com), is one of our upcoming WHMCS services that will extend the already impressive security features of our WHMCS Firewall module. We are not giving out too much information about this service yet but you can subscribe for updates at our WHAT’s NEXT page on WHMCS Firewall.com

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The WHMCS Firewall Cloudflare feature connects your local WHMCS security to your Cloudflare account. There are many performance and security (depending on your Cloudflare plan level) benefits of Cloudflare which are beyond the scope of this article. Please visit Cloudflare.com to learn more about Cloudflare services. You will (1) need to have a Cloudflare account […]

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New User Moderating

The great thing about WHMCS is that it allows a user to purchase a product and register an account without any interaction needed from support staff.

But depending on your product, service or business model, you may want to “Accept the sale” but not allow access to the client dashboard until you have more time to approve or setup the account.

Currently in WHMCS you can stop a service from provisioning until the order is approved but during that time the user still has full access to your WHMCS client area.

If for security or other reasons you want to restrict a

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