Modules Scanner

The WHMCS Firewall module scanner performs two roles.

First, it inventories and tracks all modules installed in your WHMCS. If a module id added or removed then you will receive an alert.

Second, the module scanner has a Whitelist feature that allows you to whitelist specific modules from the WHMCS Firewall rules.

*The WHMCS modules scanner works with file integrity monitoring feature so if a module is not removed but the files are edited inside it then you will still receive an alert.

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Security Settings

There are 2 main screens in the WHMCS Firewall module that allow you to adjust core security options.

These pages are

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WHMCS Configuration

The WHMCS configuration file is one of the most important files in your WHMCS install. It is what allows WHMCS to connect to the database and contains other important settings. The WHMCS Firewall module enables you to: (1) Backup, protect and restore this configuration.php file. (2) Easily make edits to the file when needed. **The […]

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File System

The WHMCS Firewall File System protection menu is where the controls are located to enable the various features of the “firewall” portion of this WHMCS security module.

The settings are:

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Payment Gateways

The payment gateways set in WHMCS are a logical target for financially motivated security breaches because they direct where your money from customer sales goes. The WHMCS Firewall module constantly audits Payment gateways you have set in WHMCS. It can detect and let you know if: 1. A New payment gateway is added. 2. An […]

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