Selective Silencing

The WHMCS Firewall module sends emails and places alerts on the module dashboard as security events are logged. You can “Silence” the alert if you determine a security event is a false positive or you do not want to perform the corrective action until a later date. Use the following steps to silence an alert:

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Alert Actions

Each alert that WHMCS Firewall produces has “Action buttons” that you can select.

The primary actions are:

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Alert Email Types

WHMCS Firewall lets you know when security events occur by sending alert emails. There are a few different alert emails you will see. The 4 Alert email types are: (1) Daily Security Summary – These daily emails include reminders about previous security events that you have not resolved yet. They also include file or module […]

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Setting Admins

By default all of your WHMCS admins will receive the alerts and Daily Security Summary emails sent by the WHMCS Firewall module.

You can use the settings page in the WHMCS Firewall module to adjust this behavior by

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