Upgrading our WHMCS Firewall module is a simple process.

First and most important, complete a backup of your entire WHMCS website and database.

Second, put your WHMCS Firewall in maintenance mode by following the steps below.

Login to your WHMCS > hover over the menu tab ADDONS > click on FIREWALL MANAGEMENT > click the SETTINGS menu tab > select Disable WHMCS Firewall

Third, Deactivate the WHMCS Firewall module in WHMCS
***IMPORTANT*** Before you deactivate the module, verify your settings to make sure you have “keep my settings and logs” when module is deactivated.

Fourth, using SFTP delete the existing module files and replace with the new files.

Fifth, reactivate the WHMCS Firewall module in WHMCS.

And Finally, take the WHMCS Firewall out of maintenance mode.

*Then make another full WHMCS backup of your website and database to save and protect the newest update to your WHMCS website. (This is not required but a good idea in general)

If you have any questions, do not feel comfortable doing this yourself, have more than say 250 clients (aka WHMCS is VERY important to you) then save yourself some time and worry by contacting us to perform the upgrade for you.