Protecting your WHMCS database is an important role of the WHMCS Firewall module.

The WHMCS Firewall module helps to protect your WHMCS database in two ways:

(1) It uses .htaccess firewall rules to help reduce the chances of SQL injection into your WHMCS database.

(2) It provides the most secure offsite database backup options available for WHMCS.

Amazon S3 with a custom user/data store rule set is our #1 recommended secure location. We have a full document detailing how to set that up and can also assist customers that open a support ticket.

We also have a Secure offsite backup to Dropbox feature, which works well and is very easy to setup.

Follow these steps to configure Secure offsite database backups in WHMCS Firewall:

Login to your WHMCS > hover over the menu tab ADDONS > click on FIREWALL MANAGEMENT > click DATABASE SECURITY