Each alert that WHMCS Firewall produces has “Action buttons” that you can select.

The primary actions are:

1. Fix It – takes you to the related configuration page to fix the problem.

2. Silent – stops the alerts from sending (for that specific event) but the security event is still logged and visible in the WHMCS Firewall dashboard. Your security score is also reduced.

3. Accept this change – this means you are ok with the changes made to a payment gateway, product, addon, etc. and want to accept that change. WHMCS Firewall then starts monitoring that new information for future changes. *Knowing what settings and information is changing is one of the most important parts of WHMCS (and all web applications) security.

4. Rollback – allows you to rollback the change to its previous value if the change was an error, result of hacking, rogue employee or just an accident.

5. Get Notification – if you have “Silenced” an alert but want to start back receiving notifications (once a day every day until fixed) then you can select this option.

*Rollback and Accept are not available on All alerts.