WHMCS Firewall lets you know when security events occur by sending alert emails. There are a few different alert emails you will see.

The 4 Alert email types are:

(1) Daily Security Summary – These daily emails include reminders about previous security events that you have not resolved yet. They also include file or module change notifications if any have occurred.

(2) Product, Addon or Payment Gateway changes – if items in any of these categories are added, edited or removed, then you will be notified.

(3) Security events – depending on the alert settings you configure.

(4) Secure Backup status – if you run a manual or scheduled secure offsite backup, you will receive an email notice of the backups status upon completion or failure.
*You can also view backup status by logging into the WHMCS module and clicking on the “Backups” tab.

Follow the steps below to adjust who receives these emails:

Login to your WHMCS > hover over the menu tab ADDONS > click on FIREWALL MANAGEMENT > click SETTINGS, choose between All Admins, Specific Admins or Specific Email Addresses > click SAVE