The WHMCS Firewall module allows 2 Secure offsite backup locations.

Those backup locations are Amazon S3 and Dropbox.

So a common question we get asked is “Which one is better? Amazon S3 or Dropbox?”

Dropbox is definitely easier to setup a secure offsite backup solution.

But Amazon S3 is the more flexible secure offsite backup solution thanks to its many fine grained access controls and settings.

Of course the Best backup solution is the one you actually take the time to put in place, so feel free to use Amazon S3 or Dropbox! Just make sure you are indeed performing Scheduled Secure offsite backups in the WHMCS Firewall module!

The Best Security is a Good Backup Plan (FACT) WHMCS Firewall contains Security, Auditing and Secure, Automation offsite backups which is what makes it a COMPLETE security Solution!