WHMCS monitors and audits key changes in your WHMCS files and configuration.

Physical file changes are tracked and changes to key configuration settings such as Payment Gateways, new Admin Accounts, etc. are monitored with alerts sent as changes occur.

For new change alerts, you will have the action options of:

Accept this change – this means you are ok with the changes made to a payment gateway, product, addon, etc. and want to accept that change. WHMCS Firewall then starts monitoring that new information for future changes. *Knowing what settings and information is changing is one of the most important parts of WHMCS (and all web applications) security.

Rollback – allows you to rollback the change to its previous value if the change was an error, result of hacking, rogue employee or just an accident.

*Automatic Rollback is not available for all monitored changes.