WHMCS Firewall cron jobs perform the automated auditing, scheduled backups, reports and other features included in the security module.

There are four cron jobs required to use/automate all the features of WHMCS Firewall.

*Why more than one cron job? Simple, some automation you only want to run once a day and others features on various schedules to fit your needs. This allows the greatest flexibility. If you are a large web host then you have likely already realized the benefits of splitting the one WHMCS cron job into multiple cron jobs using the various options flags.

To make things easy the exact cron paths and settings for your specific WHMCS installation can be found in the WHMCS Firewall module.

Complete the following steps to view the 4 cron jobs you need to set:

Login to your WHMCS > hover over the menu tab ADDONS > click on FIREWALL MANAGEMENT > click SETTINGS > You will see the exact path, command and recommended time intervals for each of the 4 cron jobs that need to be created.