The great thing about WHMCS is that it allows a user to purchase a product and register an account without any interaction needed from support staff.

But depending on your product, service or business model, you may want to “Accept the sale” but not allow access to the client dashboard until you have more time to approve or setup the account.

Currently in WHMCS you can stop a service from provisioning until the order is approved but during that time the user still has full access to your WHMCS client area.

If for security or other reasons you want to restrict a specific users access to the WHMCS client dashboard, you can activate the WHMCS Firewall Client Moderating.

Follow the steps below to restrict the access of a specific user:

Login to your WHMCS > hover over the menu tab ADDONS > click on FIREWALL MANAGEMENT > click the BLACKLIST MANAGER menu tab > click Clients – Ban Settings